My name is Alison Segel and I am a writer and former educator from Los Angeles. I got my degree in elementary education from USC and taught various grade levels for several years before becoming a freelance (and now full time) writer. I have bylines at 10+ publications such as Refinery 29, Hello Giggles, Vice, Flaunt Magazine, XO Jane, and The Hairpin. I have hosted and been a guest on several podcasts as well as created video content for various companies (like Superdeluxe and Hello Giggles.) I’ve written two features and made The Hit List and The Young and Hungry List as a result.

I currently am the Managing Creative Editor at a new start up, Although I was hired as a staff writer, I was promoted within a month of being hired to manage brand and creative content. I edit and manage brand content, run editorial meetings, as well as write 3-5 pieces a day.  For each piece I write, I create an ad for it on Facebook and track the analytics.

My goal as a writer is to write thought provoking, informative pieces for the empowered woman.


The Tweet Life with Ali and Patrick: Host. A weekly podcast for Hello Giggles covering trending topics in entertainment and pop culture.

Alison Rosen is Your Best Friend (Guest Cohost, 3x)

Get Up on This with Jensen Karp (Guest 1x, Guest Cohost 3x)

PLZ ADVISE with Molly McAleer (Guest 1x)

Weird Adults with Little Esther (Guest 1x)

Social Media

Twitter: @OnlineAlison, 12K

Instagram: @Alibaby90, 10.4K


Popping Off with Online Alison: Weekly Facebook Live interview show for Café.com (host)

Internet Survival Guide: Hello Giggles, host.

Body Image PSA’s: Glamour Magazine, writer, never produced.

Spec: Girls Night Out, on The Hit List for 2015.

Taylor Swift, the Girl Who Cried Feminism

VICE, also a regular column here.

Fashion Magazine Canada

Flaunt Magazine

Quarterlette Magazine

Refinery 29

XO Jane

The Hairpin

Hello Giggles

Cultist Zine

LA Currents

The Asterisk Today

Grazia Magazine UK

Writer, 6 PSA's for Glamour Magazine

Writer, 6 30 minute TV episodes for an educational company